Best Northern Motorcycle Ride 8 Days

Best Northern Motorcycle Ride 8 Days is our best selling motorcycle tours in northern Vietnam. Within 8 day motorbike touring but you can see the paradise of northern Vietnam like:  Sa Pa and Ha Giang – Karst plateau Global Geopark. They are two famous and amazingly scenic places located in the north of Vietnam. Also like the dream destinations for bikers from all over the World. The tour is one of best Vietnam motorcycle tours, special designed for experienced riders. One trip covers both northeast of Vietnam and northwest of Vietnam. Contact us for this amazing motorcycle tour in northern Vietnam.

Destinations: Hanoi – Phu Yen – Than Uyen – Sa Pa – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Bao Lac – Ba Be Lake – Hanoi.

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Day 1: Hanoi motorcycle tour Phu Yen ( 170 km – , L, D ) Hotel stayvietnam motorbike tours

Start the special northern Vietnam motorcycle tour with a short motorbike ride to Phu Yen. We take the bike from the western outskirt of Hanoi, strive to be on a quiet and small road as long as possible to get away from busy traffic. After 2 hour riding, we will be right in mountain area with countryside roads between green rice and tea field . Lunch is in little town Thu Cuc after passing small corner of Ba Vi National Park.
We arrive Phu Yen town at about 4.30 PM. Get the room and enjoy a short walk around peaceful mountain town.

Day 2: Phu Yen motorcycle tour to Than Uyen ( 210 km – B, L, D ) Hotel stayvietnam motorbike tours

We should start the Vietnam motorbike ride early today because it’s quite long road with a lot of picturesque stops and many interesting things to see on the way so the tour should start at 8.AM. Right after the town we will be on the winding and beautiful Lung Lo pass and then hit the quiet road to Tu Le – a charming little town where we have lunch. The second half of the could be best Vietnam motorbike tour. After 50km from where we have lunch, will be in Mu Cang Chai in which we have great chance to take pictures of the most beautiful terrace fields in northern Vietnam. Arrive Than Uyen at about 5.PM.

Day 3: Than Uyen motorcycle tour Sa Pa ( 100 km – B, L, D ) Hotel stayvietnam motorbike tours

The short Vietnam motorbike ride from Than Uyen to Sa Pa today should be the highlight of the trip. The first half of the day, we will enjoy an easy motorbike ride on the smooth road with beautiful tea fields and the colorful hill tribes along the way. And the other half, we ride motorbike on Qui Ho pass to cross Hoang Lien mountain range- the highest one in Vietnam including Fansipan peak with the height of 3142 meters above sea level. It’s sure that you will have pictures of the most beautiful valley in north Vietnam. We will be in Sa Pa at noon. After luch in Sa Pa town, we have half day to discover lovely town in cloud – Sa Pa by walking or having a short Sa Pa motorbike tour along the Muong Hoa valley .

Day 4 : Sa Pa motorcycle tour Ha Giang ( 200 km – B, L, D ) Home stayvietnam motorbike tours

Start the great Vietnam motorbike tour to Ha Giang at about 8.30 Am. After breakfast, we will hit the road down to Lao Cai town – 40 km from Sa Pa. We can take many breathtaking pictures from the height of around 1.500 m above sea level. Take a café stop at Nam Thi River bank – the river is also the border between Vietnam and China. After that, we keep Vietnam motorbike touring down on the winding road No 70. Lunch is in Pho Rang town. Then motorcycle up again to Ha Giang.
We will finish Vietnam motorbike ride to Ha Giang in a beautiful and peaceful village of the Tay – 3 km from Ha Giang City.

Day 5: Ha Giang motorcycle tour Dong Van ( 150 km – B, L, D ) Hotel stay

The ride today is one of the best northern Vietnam motorbike tour. We will be in the centre of the Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Vietnam Motorbike ToursGeopark. After getting out of Ha Giang city, we have a slowly Vietnam motorbike tour on the winding, “up and down” road along the Karst Plateau, enjoying incredibly beautiful scenery, doing some stop to visit the colorful and happy people live long the road. Especially, after lunch we can take a visit to Palace of the H’mong’s king to learn more about the Indochina War and the life of the local people during the war time.
Arrive Dong Van at 5 PM. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 6: Dong Van motorcycle tour to Bao Lac ( 120 Km – B, L, D ) Hotel stay

After breakfast, we will take a short trek to the top of the hill about 1 km from the hotel. The hill was used as a Fortress of the French where we can have best view of Dong Van Town. Back to the hotel, get the bikes and keep enjoy beautiful mountain motorbike tours Vietnam. Today we have chance to ride vietnam motorbike toursmotorbike on Ma-Pi-Leng pass –one of 4 most beautiful passes in northern Vietnam. Lunch is in Meo Vac town, then short Vietnam motorbike tour down all the way to Bao Lac.

Day7: Off road northern Vietnam motorcycle tour to Ba Be lake ( 120 km – B, L, D ) Home stay

This is the short but fantastic Vietnam motorcycle tours to Ba Be. Right after the town we will take a small road to Son Lo village. The road is up and down , small and almost empty but the mountain view somewhere is amazing. Especially, we have a chance to do some off road motorbike tour in northern Vietnam we ride to cross some small streams. We will be in Pac Ngoi village at about 1 PM. Lunch is with the local people. after lunch we spend the rest time of the day for the boat ride on Ba Be lake. Off road motorcycle tour and relaxing time on Ba Be lake are the highlights of the day.
Home stay in Pac Ngoi – village of Tay people.

“Ba Be Lake (Vietnamese: Ho Ba Ba, Ba Be meaning “Three Lakes” in the local Tay language) is the largest natural fresh water vietnam motorbike tourslake, stretching about 8 kilometers in the north-south direction. The surface area of the lake fluctuates between 3 and 5 km² between dry and wet season. Unlike many lakes in Karst limestone areas, Ba Bê Lake never falls dry. Its average depth varies between 17 and 23 meters, the maximum depth is 35 meters. The lake lies about 150 meters above sea level, making it also Vietnam’s highest. The name “Three Lakes” refers to the three parts of the lake named Pe Leng, Pe Lu, and Pe Lam. All these three parts are connected into a single continuous body of water, however. The Ta Han, Bo Lu, and Leng Rivers feed into the lake from the south and the west. During the dry season, water is drained from the lake northwards into the Nang River. During high floods in the wet season, the latter flow is reversed however, and the lake takes up water from the Nang River thereby acting as a buffer regulating flooding”.

Day 8 : Ba Be motorbike ride back Hanoi ( 240 km – B, L )vietnam motorbike tours

End the best motorcycle tours northern Vietnam by taking a long  motorcycle touring back to Hanoi. After early breakfast, we will try to be off the big and busy road as long as possible. Unlike the motorbike tour in days before, the Vietnam motorcycle touring today is in much busier traffic but in different way we will find something interesting.
Arrive Hotel in Hanoi before rush hours. Finish your unforgettable northern Vietnam motorbike tour arranged by Offroad Indochina – Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia.